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Real Solutions for Helping your Child Sleep
  • Do you wonder if your child is getting enough sleep?
  • Does your child struggle with falling asleep?
  • Does your child wake up one or more times in a night not because of needing to use the bathroom?
If you have answered YES to any of the above questions, 
watch the workshop now for free!

The Culprits of Sleep Deprivation
with Elise Spronk

Get to Sleep! Stay Asleep! 
Elise Spronk
What You Will Learn From This Workshop...
Our Special Guest Will Cover The Culprits of Sleep Deprivation...
  • Signs and symptoms of sleep deprivation
  • ​The 3 main reasons children can't fall asleep and how to help
  • ​Tips for helping your child sleep through the night
sensory processing patient

"My seven year old has experienced night terrors since he was about 18-months-old. He screams, cries, and overall is inconsolable. This would happen 3 - 4 times a week with varying levels of severity—sometimes lasting less than a minute, other times he was disrupted to the point of waking his brother and sister. After working with Elise, I’m happy to report that since we incorporated this into our bedtime routine about a month ago, he has not had a single episode!" 

-Erica Bohn

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